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Just about every charity fundraiser or community event-nationwide-has been cancelled since the global pandemic shutdown that hit this nation last march.

So, when I read that one is happening, even if it’s not here in the Carolinas, I’m all in.  And this one holds some special significance for us.  You see, Debbie is from Corsicana, Texas, “The Fruitcake Capitol of the World.   It’s their one and only claim to fame.

Corsicana is the home of the Collin Street Bakery.  Their fruitcakes are world renown and have served as official gifts for politicians and members of royal households all over the world.  And unlike the cliché, the fruitcakes I’ve eaten from there are spectacular eat.

Consequently, because of Deb’s “fruitcake heritage,” when we find out that the annual event taking place this weekend in Manitou Springs, Colorado is “The Great Fruitcake Toss,” it kinda makes us wince.

22nd Annual Fruitcake Toss draws large crowd in Manitou Springs

The 22nd Annual Fruitcake Toss in Manitou Springs drew big crowds of spectators and participants on Saturday. Event organizers attributed the turnout to the ...

Here’s the deal.  First off, you don’t have to bring your own as fruitcakes are on-hand for five dollars a piece and have nuts, fruits and flour. Second, it all goes to a good cause as proceeds benefit the Manitou Springs Community Pantry. And winners are judged in categories of hand-tossed distance, accuracy, speed and best balance.