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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Chris Young is hoping his new cafe opening up in middle Tennessee will nourish kids from his alma mater but not with lunch.

His new cafe’ in Murfreesboro opens up at Middle Tennessee State University, 240 people will be able to “dine” but they will be fed on skills in live music and production.  There will be a studio there and Chris hopes it will help foster and encourage young musicians.

We have known Chris since the beginning of his career, coming to town for our “Redneck Yacht Club”.  Super laid back guy and not an idiot like some young artists are:)  And of course he has been to Coyote Joe’s countless times .  Remember those days?  We can believe he is spending his money and his time on future generations of artists.

To see the amazing new venue check out all the pictures right here