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At my core I am very sentimental and nostalgic.  I think that’s why when I heard that a sequel to one of my favorite all-time comedies, “Coming To America” was finally being made, I was fired up.

It was originally set to be released in theaters last summer, and then over the holidays (you know the drill…the pandemic), but will now premier on Amazon next month.

And as the time has gone by, it’s occurred to me that the original came out during the summer of 1988.  I’d just graduated from high school.  It was probably one of the greatest time periods of my life.

It’s been a few years.

Will Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall still be as funny?  Will their comedy and writing still be relevant?  I don’t know.  I saw this new trailer when it came out yesterday, and is it just me or does everyone just look old?

COMING 2 AMERICA Trailer 2 (2021)

Second trailer for Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope that once I start watching, nostalgia for something great in my life more than 30 years ago will be replaced by, “Wow!  These dudes are still hilarious.”

But I just don’t know.