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Sadie saves the day!

Sadie is a 6 year old German Shepherd from New Jersey and she is being hailed as a hero.  Sadie protected and comforted her owner during his stroke.  This very good girl was adopted from an animal refuge.

Here is what happened:  After Sadie’s owner Brian collapsed during the stroke, the rescue dog stayed right by his side and even began licking his face to try and wake him up.  She is a strong girl and  eventually managed to drag Brian across the room so that he could access his cell phone so he was able to call for help.

Sadie is staying with friends while Brian recovers in the hospital and they face time every night.  Brian adopted Sadie just a few months after she was surrendered by her previous owner.  She is indeed a very good girl. To learn more about sweet Sadie, get all the details right here

If you would like to adopt a dog or cat, congratulations!!  You are in for many years of love and happiness.  (The dog in the feature picture is named Riker, a rescue owned and loved by my friend Julie Moore)