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Yes, “Extreme Athletes” is in quotes for a reason.  And that reason will be made more than apparent with video below.

This past weekend we went with friends to the Smoky Mountains (just above Bryson City) to celebrate our 27th anniversary.  Debbie LOVES the mountains and it was a beautiful trip.


For a certain age, these two references will completely not connect, but I can’t think of any others that quite do the trick.  Do you remember “Lucy and Ethel?”  “Laverne and Shirley?”

Then you get the general idea about Debbie and her friend, Sherry.

They’ve raised our boys as brothers and together our families have seemingly had adventures together that you couldn’t write in any movie or sitcom.  This weekend proved to be just such an occasion.

Both of these ladies LOVE snow.  Both of these ladies have been very disappointed at the lack of snow in their lives in the last couple of years.  Both of these ladies were like giddy children when they awoke Sunday morning to 3 inches of powdery white winter fun on the ground.

However my best friend, Jeff (Sherry’s husband) and I were in trouble.  Sherry wanted a sled-just in case-on Saturday.

We ignored her.

She and Debbie wanted to sled.

We got this.  Specifically, we got the WeatherTech bed liner from the rear of the SUV and,  BOOM!  instant “extreme” sledding in the Smoky Mountains.