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Once you have the 25th Wedding Anniversary, until you get to 50, you find yourself sometimes struggling to come up with something GREAT to mark the event.

This year, that was no problem.  A couple of our best friends, Jeff and Sherry, called us a week ago and said, how would you like to spend your anniversary weekend with us in the mountains?


So, Friday (our anniversary) began like you might expect it to.  First, the card Debbie gave me; and then, the 27 red roses (it’s our 27th anniversary) she received.



I know, right?  Anyway, soon thereafter our anniversary adventure to the top of the Smoky Mountains (just above Bryson City) began.  We went from wineries to a winter wonderland in a little more than 24 hours.  It was an amazing trip with better friends.

And the pics, really don’t do justice to how magical it all was.