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Details are emerging about the so called “super bowl streaker”.  Apparently Yuri Andrade may have just pulled off the heist of the century.

He reportedly bet $50,000 on a prop bet there would be a streaker at the superbowl.  See he knew this for sure because he was planning to be just that streaker.

This is how it went down:  he reportedly sent a decoy right before his shenanigans began to distract security.  Then he sprints on to the field and strips down to a thong tankini where he manages to score quite a few yards before finally being tackled in the end zone.  Of course he spent a little time in jail and had to pay a fine for trespassing but when it all clears he gets to take home $374,000 (allegedly).

This reportedly is not the first time this guy has been the center of attention at major sporting events.  He attempted to streak at a Major League Baseball playoff game and other sporting events.

To learn all the details and to see that epic prank one more time, just click here