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Catherine Lane

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I think all us Mom’s agree, you do NOT mess with our kids. And any one of us would go absolutely ballistic if we actually caught someone peeping on our daughters. A mom in Texas had just arrived home from the store when she noticed a guy peeking into the bedroom of her 15 year old daughter.  She called the police who arrived on the scene and were able to locate him nearby however he dodged them and took off running.

Oh no you do not mess with a Momma bear’s cubs.  Phyllis Pena who was standing in her yard at the time channeled her inner lineman and lit him up like a Christmas tree.  It was all caught on a police dash cam.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A police dashcam captures video of a mother tackling a suspect who is accused of looking into her teenage daughter's bedroom window.

Posted by WREX-TV on Thursday, February 11, 2021