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I shouldn’t say NEVER, but Central Texas rarely if EVER has had a snowfall like this.  First, let me put things in perspective.  We went to my sister’s house in Austin for Christmas this year.  The temperature would get down in the mid to high 50s at night, and you’d have thought we were living in the polar ice cap by how my sister and our Texas family started layering up.

So to wake up this morning to six inches of powder on the ground, I can only imagine the panic and madness that this has caused.  Not that we’re much better at dealing with this kind of thing here, but Texans are beyond “rookies.”

Anyway, if you’re longing for snow like this, but are looking out your window at just a REALLY soggy backyard like we are, then enjoy Texas’ “Great Snowfall of 2021,” in a state where it never snows. <g>