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One of the greatest arguments among guys off all-time is “Greatest Sports Movie.”  That’s not as good to me as “Greatest Golf Movie.”

With two golfers (my son and me) in the house, this is one that never ends.  Currently, we’re in agreement with “The Legend of Bagger Vance” being number one on the list.  Others that make the cut include:  “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” “Tin Cup,” the immortal “Caddyshack,” and one that turns 25 years old this year, “Happy Gilmore.”

For the most part, I’m not a huge Adam Sandler movie guy, but this film is a classic.  If you’ve never seen it, “Happy” is a wanna-be hockey player who never makes the cut in the sport of his dreams, but discovers he can hit the golf ball further than anyone-ever.

In a preposterous storyline/plot he proceeds to crash the PGA Tour, upsetting everyone stuffed shirt in the game including the tour’s number one player, “Shooter McGavin.”  More on him in a second.

First though, a reminder of this movie’s awesomeness-specifically when Happy is playing in an event with the legendary host of “The Price is Right,” Bob Barker in this HILARIOUS cameo.

The Price Is Wrong, Bitch - Happy Gilmore (8/9) Movie CLIP (1996) HD

Happy Gilmore movie clips: THE MOVIE:'t miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: DESCRIPTION:...

So back to the 25th anniversary of the film.  To celebrate, Happy himself (Sandler), posted a video to his Twitter account showing he can still pull off his signature running swing.  And by the way, there’s never been a golfer who hasn’t tried to imitate this.

And in a completely boss movie, Christopher MacDonald, the actor who played rival “Shooter McGavin” posted AS Shooter, a response to Happy’s video.