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One of the things I love most about Luke Combs is not only is he an uber prolific writer, but he is constantly sharing his work-even if it’s a work in progress.

This is something you used to see on a tour bus with an artist before a concert, but you would NEVER see or hear an unfinished product posted to social media.

Then again, if every song you’ve ever released in your career has gone to number one on the charts (like Luke Combs),  then what’s the fear, right?

And this chorus is straight gas

“But I can still raise hell all night with the boys when I want to
lay that hammer down to see how fast she’ll go
but these days I hang my hat on what I won’t do
And I been findin’ peace of mind slowin’ my role
Learn to tow that line with time as it goes
I’m in the middle of growin up and gettin’ old.”

IKR?!  Can’t wait to hear the full finished product, but then again that’s how I always feel when Luke releases tastes of songs like this…and I’m never disappointed.