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Yeah, so this story got a “Whoa!” from me. Man, a dude gives up Royal duties and now people come out of the woodwork accusing him of being deformed?! DANG!

This all got started when (as I like to say) “The Artists Formerly Known And The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex” (Prince Harry and Megan Markle) made the announcement they’re expecting their second child. They did so by sharing a photo of themselves sitting under a tree, with Harry resting his hand on Meghan’s head as she lay in his lap cradling her baby bump. Harry can be seen laying towards the camera with his bare-feet close to the lens.

And that’s where the trouble starts


On closer inspection, Chiropodist Dina Gohil says his toes appear to be a “slightly peculiar in shape” and points out Harry could have “mild bunion deformity”.


It’s a baby announcement and you are looking at HIS feet?!  Anyway, Gohil runs the practice DG Podiatrist and is an ambassador for CCS Footcare.  Her thoughts? “His feet seem to appear healthy and there is a good arch profile visible, however potentially he may have mild bunion deformity, whereby there is a medial deviation of the joint attached to the big toe, making the bony appearance prominent.  In his case, a likely cause of this condition is the high impact training and action he underwent while in the Armed Forces.”

Okay, so what?!

Look, I’m ALL ABOUT giving Harry and Megan the needle from time to time.  I maintain she’s done more to take down the Monarchy-without firing a shot-than we did during the Revolutionary War!

That being said, can these two just make a baby announcement without having their feet dissected by the media and medical professionals?