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The last time I felt this way about an unsigned, independent artist was when our boss at the time called me into his office to listen to a guy named Jerrod Niemann and his album “Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury.”

To this day it is one of the best debut records I’ve ever heard-much less an independently produced record.  I remember when Jerrod stopped by the radio station a month or two later and I practically attacked him in the hall with my fanboy knowledge and praise.  He looked at me like I was from Mars.  I mean, in his mind, “How does this guy even know who I am.”

That’s kinda situation I find myself in today.  Last Friday my son texted me from college (he was supposed to be in class, but instead was apparently falling down the music rabbit hole on YouTube).  “Dad, you’ve GOT to hear this song…have you ever heard of a dude named Clayton Shay?  He’s got this song called, ‘Signed Another Man’ that is straight gas” (that’s a good thing for those not well versed in kid-speak <g>).

"Signed, Another Man" Official Music Video

Nashville recording artist Clayton Shay's official music video for "Signed, Another Man" Available on all digital streaming platforms!!Music video Produced &...

It is rare that I listen to a new song all the way through.  I usually make my judgement by the first verse and chorus.  If you don’t have me by then, I’m done with you.  If you do, then I have no need to listen further.

I listened to this song…twice.  And have not stopped listening to it since.

So then it occurs to me that I really wanted to talk to this guy and to share the song with you.  So, I sent a DM to Clayton on Instagram.  Cold.  He, like Jerrod, had to be going, “Who in the Hell is THIS guy, and why is he stalking me like a fanboy all of the sudden?”

Luckily, he eventually bought that I really was in the radio business in Charlotte and would love to talk with him.

Interview-Clayton Shay "Signed, Another Man"

My son texted me about "Signed, Another Man" and was so blown away, I just had to talk to Clayton. He's an independent artist with a great song. I'm really r...

He’s a young guy and an independent country artist armed with a GREAT song, we wish him NOTHING but the best!