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I remember watching “Joker” for the firs time last year.  About 45  minutes in, I realized that there was no Caped Crusader.  This was NOT my dad’s “Batman” movie.  This is darker than a dungeon.

By the end of it, I had the feeling I’ve had a couple of time in the last few years:  “Man, that was really good, but it’s not ‘feel good,’ and I don’t want/need to see it again.”

Before I’ve even seen one second of the movie, based on the trailer, that could very well be the road we’re heading down with Disney’s “Cruella.”

And I’m the first to day you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or a movie by its trailer, but…

CRUELLA Official Trailer (2021) Emma Stone, Disney Movie HD

CRUELLA Official Trailer (2021) Emma Stone, Disney Movie HD© 2021 - Disney

This is an origin story of sorts for “Cruella de Vil,” played by Emma Stone, villain of “101 Dalmatians.”  The movie follows Cruella as an up and coming punk fashion designer and does everything she can to get noticed by the wealthy socialites all while morphing into the villain known as Cruella de Vil.

Cruella hits theaters on May 28th.