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This story caught my attention because it is truly a shade of grey in a world situation that many only see black or white.

More than a month into the Coronavirus Vaccine rollout, roughly a third of Americans say will NOT get the vaccine for a variety of reasons:  fear, doubts of effectiveness, etc.

Anyway, although I will be getting the vaccine, I respect the choice of others not to.  For example, Debbie has some unique medical issues and has had bad reactions to vaccines before, so she’s taking a very cautious approach until she sees more about how people react to the inoculations.

She’s not an “anti-vaxer.”  On the contrary, she and I are big believers in medicine.  This is just as big an unknown as the virus was initially, so she’s taking a measured approach.

Bonnie Jacobson’s story is similar.  She’s trying to have a baby and there’s just not enough research on how the vaccine effects pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant, so she decided not to get the vaccine.

And this has cost her, her job.

Bonnie was a waitress in New York City until she made her intentions known to her employer.  Her employer then let her know that because of her choice, she was no longer employed.

The awful part about this is I actually can see both sides.  It’s awful that Bonnie’s losing her job, but her employer, in an ever litigious society must do everything he can to keep his doors open and his liability to a minimum.

See, no black and white…just a whole lot of grey

NYC Restaurant Fires Woman for Refusing to Get COVID-19 Vaccine | NBC New York

A former waitress in Brooklyn says that her uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 vaccine cost her her job.Bonnie Jacobson worked at the Red Hook Tavern, who sh...

What do you think about this?  Is there a right or wrong here, or just two sides of an issue being put between a rock and a hard place?