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There have been a lot of butts in those seats.

Adam Levine was a founding member of The Voice singing competition so why did he leave?  The question plagues fans of the show but now we have more information as to why Levine left in the first place.

It seems Levine was unhappy and reportedly “very difficult” to work with during the live taping of season 16 semi-finals. Since he didn’t have anyone left to compete and a new rule for season 16 stated judges wouldn’t be, “guaranteed a contestant in the live playoffs” he didn’t want to be a part of the filming.

Also noted is Levine’s busy schedule with producing NBC’s Songland as well as working on Maroon 5’s seventh studio album. According to Levine’s IMDB, he’s slated to star as “Dale” in The Chess Game due out in 2022.

Do you think Adam Levine will eventually return to “The Voice?” I think the other folks are just fine. But if you lose Blake…it’s over!