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It’s kind of like my mom has always said, “The only difference between men and boys is the size and the price of their toys.”  And the picture above doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface, here.

Latest evidence to attest to this altruism?

The “M1,” a luxury TV from C SEED Entertainment, which has offices in Vienna, Austria, and California.  Here are the details.  It has a 165-inch screen TV that folds up and disappears into the floor when it’s not in use.

Seriously.  Perhaps the only gripe that wives have about TVs is the gaudy space it takes up on the wall.  Problem solved.

This video below is a revelation.  Apparently with the touch of a button, it rises like a beautiful, electronic phoenix from the floor-revealing an enormous 4K MicroLED display, held by an aluminum base.  The display itself comes from five MicroLED panels that when locked into place look like one uniform display with invisible seams.

I know right?

NOW…the bad part.  The M1 retails for $400,000, and that DOES NOT include installation, which obviously requires enough space to hide it underground.

Something tells me it’ll be awhile before “The Geek Squad” is ready to deal with this. <g>

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