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Earlier this week, we once again warned you of the perils of going big on the wedding proposal, even if it works out.  Again, the bigger you go, the greater the chance that your moment becomes more infamous than beloved.


Anyway, today the story of Jake Owen’s proposal to Erica Hartlein was retold online.  If you missed this on his Instagram over the holidays…

“5 years ago we went and got our first Christmas Tree together….at this same spot..This year, I asked her if she’d like to get Christmas Trees every year for the rest of our lives. Our little Paris was there to witness the complete surprise. So much of a surprise, Erica didn’t have her nails done..(yes, I now know that’s big deal I guess She said yes in the sprinkle of a Nashville snow, and we celebrated by going to her favorite restaurant. She was successful not getting Polynesian Sauce on that bling”

How about the amazing photo with their daughter, Paris observing the whole thing.  THIS, boys and girls, is how you go big and go simple at the same time when it comes to your wedding proposal.

Jake Owen’s game…STRONG!