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Will it make a difference?

Soggy fries are the worst, am I right? Well according to a former employee of fast-food giant, McDonald’s, he has the trick to say goodbye to soggy fries forever. The trick is specifically for when you get fries from the drive-thru.  He said the first thing you do is open the food bag so the heat can escape. The heat is what causes the fries to steam causing them to get soggy.

The next thing he said is to put the fries in a horizontal position instead of upright in the bag so that way the heat from the fries stays fairly close to them instead of rising to the top.

Lastly, put the burgers or sandwiches on top of the fries to keep them warm. Are you going to try this hack to keep your fries from getting soggy? Do you think this hack works? Share your food hacks with us!