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Okay, consider yourself warned.  We thought we were ready,  we were not.  It’s only 40 minutes long, but a year later, it’s an emotional torture chamber to watch.  I’m talking about HBO’s  new documentary, “The Last Cruise.”

The Last Cruise (2021): Official Trailer | HBO

Using intimate footage recorded by passengers and crew, The Last Cruise is a first-person account of the nightmare that transpired aboard the ill-fated Diamo...

It seems like such a distant memory now, and admittedly at the time, we in the United States weren’t really paying all that much attention to Covid-19.  It was “just another disease in Asia.”  In fact, this documentary includes soundbites of morning news shows telling us we have nothing to worry about, and Dr Fauci saying there’s no need for Americans to wear masks (yes, that REALLY did happen).

But for the passengers of the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship (pictured above) and its largely Indonesian crew, this was a nightmare.  A truly, deadly nightmare.

A HUGE part of this documentary is culled from first person camera phone footage.  And it is harrowing.  Too harrowing, for us.

We made it through, but I’m not sure I will again any time soon.

So, consider yourself warned.  “The Last Cruise” is REALLY good.  It’s just too soon.