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Pets are like kids.  When you bring a new one into the household you hope they get along with the others.  Well one Idaho Mom was ecstatic when she found her pet parrot Sweet Pea fell head over heels in love with her new black lab.

Sweet Pea was found on Craigslist but by all accounts is a very smart bird and also has a heart of gold.

When Sweet Pea was introduced to her new canine baby brother she immediately began to pet him with her foot and even said “I love you’.  The video has had 27 million views and 4.9 million likes.

To see the precious video check it out right here

Idaho's 'Sweet Pea' parrot goes viral on TikTok after meeting puppy

Within four days, the TikTok has racked up over 22 million views.

Cockatoo Loves Elvis

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