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Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

We live in the middle of the woods and we love to take long walks around the house.  I keep telling the family to watch their step.  Snakes are out looking for food and looking for love.

Snakes sometimes look for food AFTER the love because the females are looking for a place to nest.  It is important to keep rodents away from your home because snakes smell them and then you have a problem. Just ask one South Carolina family.

David Adams says he found the female reptile in a Charleston home after she found a little opening to slither in and lay her eggs.  Unfortunately the eggs had already hatched so wildlife rescuers had to find all the babies as well as the momma.  To learn more about this story just go right here

Ya’ll remember that time I ran across a HUGE rattlesnake while I was trail riding.  Here is how that went: