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All things evolve.  Now some are slower than others as replacements are at times harder to come by, but eventually all things evolve.

Case in point:  fireworks displays.

Having been a part of planning/booking a professionally choreographed fireworks display, here’s what I know a:  there’s nothing more dazzling or truly awesome; and b:  THEY ARE EXPENSIVE.  I mean, you think it’s easy to time explosions that aren’t exacting by nature?  Drones are completely programmable and predictable, so they are guaranteed to be cheaper.

Anyway, I have seen the future of fireworks shows and it’s called drone shows.  This one from the Genesis Car Company is amazing.


Over 3,000 drones unite to create our distinct emblem, proving that we dare to do things differently. Watch as Genesis China inspires new possibilities.3,000...

The Hyundai-owned car brand celebrated it’s debut into the China market by setting a new Guinness World Record for the most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the air at the same time,   They used  3,281 drones to illuminate and animate  its logo over Shanghai on March 29.

In case you were wondering, the old record was held by a Chinese company, was 3,051 drones.