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I don’t know how many times we have to preach against “Going Big” on these sorts of things before you will start listening. <g>

There is no need to risk life and limb to propose marriage and DEFINITELY there is no need to do so for a “gender reveal.”  Let’s be honest, there was NO SUCH thing as a “gender reveal” before social media.  Now, there cannot be a move made in life that is not “posted.”

Look above.  This is perfectly simple and safe way to do a gender reveal-if you must.  Anyway, here’s the latest “Going Big” that went BIG wrong…


Two killed when plane used for gender reveal crashes in Cancun

SUBSCRIBE to Vesa Channel A gender reveal in Mexico went tragically wrong when a plane streaming a sign about a baby girl plunged into the waters off Cancun ...

It was a lovely day off the coast of Cancun.  A family is gathered on a boat as a plane flies overhead and releases a pink cloud into the sky.  The family applauds:  a girl!

Then, just seconds later, the plane nose dives into the water as all the family revelers are horrified.   Both the pilot and co-pilot were killed and an investigation is underway.