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It is very very rare but it happened recently in Gaston County. A vet was called in to check on a sick horse in Cherryville and the horse tested positive for rabies.

Rabies is very uncommon in horses here in the United States. According to reports only 30 to 60 cases of 7,000 were found in equine last year.  How this horse became ill with rabies is unknown.  The horse has passed away and no humans were injured.

This horse was located in the 300 block of Robert Road in Cherryville according to a report from Channel 9. People in surrounding neighborhoods have been warned to watch their own pets for signs of rabies.  To learn more about this story just go right here

Skunks, racoons, foxes and coyotes are primary carriers of rabies but all warm blooded animals are susceptible.

Here is some more information about rabies in horses.

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