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Warning:This video is disturbing.  As a horse owner I know that when the animal is in danger, they want to run, to flee as quickly from danger as possible, so this is particularly heart breaking.  Horses are flight animals, they do not want to fight but this one had to as best she could.  A Pit bull  dog viciously attacked a draft horse in Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw this past weekend.

The draft horse is  harnessed to a buggy that appears to be carrying a driver which we now know  was Amanda Underwood.  I do not have many details other than what I can see from the video.  The dog is relentless as he comes time and time again for the horse.  And it appears the horse owner is desperately trying to help.  Amanda heroically gets her passengers off the buggy safely and tried to help defuse the attack.

The horse finally kicks the dog away enough for someone to grab him . I have to say, this horse was incredibly composed in this situation. Kudos to her handler/owner and to the driver.  I am positive my mare would not have handled it with as much grace. I have so many questions.  Check out the video for yourself but again, the images here are disturbing.  I have unconfirmed information that the dog has been put down and the horse is recovering from her injuries.  Amanda is also reportedly recovering from injuries she suffered during the attack.

pit bull attack horse at canecreek park NC April 3, 2021

pit bull attack horse at canecreek park nc