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There are a lot of things that one can argue about the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Masks?  Social Distancing?  Shutting down and crippling of the economy?  ALL of these-absolutely-are up for discussion and debate.  However, there is one aspect that one cannot argue:  too many people have died from it.

Again, we can argue WHY they died, but the loss of life due to some aspect of the Novel Coronavirus is concrete.  Now, I’m not saying that one life is worth more than another, however I will say that IMO children need their parents…both of them.

According to a recent study released yesterday in the American Medical Assn.’s pediatric journal, between 37,000 and 43,000 American children have likely lost a parent to Covid-19.  The study further explains that most of these children were between the ages of 10 and 17, but around 10,000 of those that lost a parent are 9 or younger.

WOW.  I’m a long way from adolescence, but I STILL need my mom and  dad.  I cannot imagine not having them around for counsel if I need it.  When I was 9? 13? 17?  Yeah, let that sink in.   Just as no parent should have to bury a child, no child of that age should have to bury a parent.

We may not know for years what the true impact of the pandemic actually will have on our society.  When you read that statement you might immediately think of economic or educational impact.  Now, I will think about the psychological impact and its tentacles that stem from young children losing a parent.  It will not only affect them, but all of us going forward.