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So, if you didn’t know before, you know now…there are Guinness World Records for everything.  Case in point?  This one:  “The Longest Melody Played By A Model Train.”  Who knew, right?  You’ve GOT to check out this video.   In it, you’ll see the model train playing hundreds of nots on wine glasses as it circles the track.

Official World Record! Fantastic Classical Music Medley played by a Train

New GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ Title! The best of classical music, played by a train. Take part in our three challenges: 1. How many songs are being played?2. Wh...

Okay, so it’s not exactly playing the latest from Morgan Wallen, but still pretty amazing stuff.  In case you were wondering, its melodies come from some of the biggies in the world of classic music:  Beethoven, Verdi and Strauss. The train is on display, doing its thing at the Miniature Wonderland Museum in Hamburg, Germany.  Oh, and FYI-the new world record was played on 2,840 wine glasses.