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Catherine Lane

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Can you imagine.  You are there for your son’s wedding when you notice a birthmark on the bride’s hand and you recognize it as being the same one on your long lost daughter.

This actually happened.  A woman was attending her son’s wedding was left in tears when she identified the bride as a daughter she gave up at birth.  After spotting the birthmark  the woman approached the bride’s parents with a crucial question.  Had they adopted her 20 years ago.  And they revealed they had.

When the bride found out of course she burst into tears.  The story does not end there, there was more to come.  The bride was now concerned about marrying her elder brother.  However her new mother in law (and biological mother) revealed there would be no objection because the groom was also adopted.  They were not biological brother and sister.  Crazy!

Source:  The Hookup