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When you live around here you need to watch your step for copperhead snakes but when you live in Florida you have to keep your eyes peeled for something much larger and with much bigger teeth.

Sheriff’s deputies and wildlife officers were summoned to a Florida apartment complex where a massive 10 foot alligator was found just chilling out under a parked car.  This could have been bad.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was also summoned to the scene and deputies worked together with the wildlife officers to relocate the 10 foot two inch ancient reptile to an alligator farm.  No one was injured in the ordeal and neither was the gator.

Take a peek of how it all went down right here.


VIDEO: 10-foot gator found under parked car in Tampa

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and FWC were called to a Tampa apartment complex last Wednesday when a 10-foot gator was found under a parked car.