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Blake Shelton is an avid outdoors man no secret there.  It is also not a secret that he might be the kind of fella  that embellishes a fish story or two.  Not this time.

Blake snagged a MONSTER paddlefish while fishing in his home state of Oklahoma over the weekend. Imagine a huge catfish with rounded sword like snout.  “I’ll bet some of you have never heard of paddlefish.  We got them here in my home state!  Ya’ll come to Oklahoma where the outdoors are always open”.

No word if Gwen was fishing with him or not.  We don’t see her in the pictures he shared on social media.  Bet that bad boy was fun to bring to the boat.  Paddlefish are prized for their “roe” which is cavier and can set up back a pretty penny.

Check out his pic right here:

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