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Very rarely does a great series “get it right” when it comes to their last episode/season.  For some reason, wrapping up loose ends from a writing standpoint is tougher than fans must think.  For every “Sons of Anarchy,” “Justified,” or “Breaking Bad,” there’s ten like “Game of Thrones,” “Seinfeld,” and “Lost”-great shows that fall short of expectation in this regard.  One of the worst (IMO) in the last several years was the final episode of “Dexter.”  If you’re unaware of this show, it ran on Showtime for 8 seasons and centered on a serial killer who only killed those that “deserved” to be killed.  “Dexter Morgan” worked for the Miami PD in forensics, so this anti-hero was hiding in plain sight.  It was a genius show.  And it’s ending (Dexter faking his own death and going to work in a logging camp in the Pacific Northwest) was just a huge WTH moment.  Well, after a couple of years, the creative team behind the show agreed and last year began filming an all-new season of the show to “get it right.”  Now, we have our first teaser…

Dexter’s Season Nine revival will air on Showtime in the fall.