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Last fall, as things FINALLY started to open up around Charlotte during the Global Pandemic, some close friends of ours and us went on a Sunday Funday brewery adventure around Charlotte.  It was a beautiful day and we went to 4 or 5 different breweries-sampling the best they had to offer.  However, as good as the beers were, the best discovery we made that day was Insomnia Cookies on North Tryon Street.  I mean, just LOOK at these!

Insomnia Cookies

I know, right?  Now our  Insomnia Cookies didn’t have one of these, but I’m hoping it’s not far from being our reality.  At their Philadelphia location, Insomnia Cookies is testing out a new speakeasy location.  The Cookie Sweeteasy, or CookieLab, is kind of like a secret club for cookie fanatics.  You access it from behind a bookshelf in the front of the store and you have to know the secret password to get in. Every week, the official Insomnia Cookies Instagram account will post a new password. The Sweeteasy will offer guests custom cookie combinations and milkshakes as well as an exclusive menu. So, my waistline says, “No,” but my heart and soul says, “Hell, yeah!”  The CookieLab is in East Passyunk, South Philadelphia.  Uh, um…hey, we want one in Charlotte too!