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Don’t like to have your opinions challenged?

Saturday Night Live cast members and at least one writer have spoken out about Elon Musk hosting the weekly sketch show.  Musk has received backlash over comments regarding the coronavirus, the Tesla CEO has made comments comparing stay-at-home orders to “de facto house arrest,” he also downplayed the risks of COVID and refused to get a vaccine for the virus.

SNL cast member Bowen Yang responded to Musk’s tweet about “finding out how live SNL really is,” writing, “What the f— does that even mean?” Andrew Dismukes tweeted about “ONLY CEO I WANT TO DO A SKETCH WITH IS Cher-E Oteri.”, Aidy Bryant and writer Sudi Green, reposted a tweet from Bernie Sanders who called Musk’s wealth, “a moral obscenity.”

Is Bernie’s wealth a moral obscenity? Considering he made all his money doing nothing but living off taxpayers. Elon Musk took risks, created jobs. Sorry SNL folks, just do your skits.