Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Back to work today after really being sick for about a week.  It started out as just a regular ol cold and cough but by this past Saturday I knew I was in trouble.  After a few days not feeling well at all, I had developed a fever and I was more than miserable.  I feared the worst, after all this time of being so careful and cautious I was scared it was Covid.

So, I got an appointment and got tested for Covid and Flu A and B.  It FELT like flu but what I actually had was a sinus /upper respiratory infection.  I have never had a sinus infection before and it was no joke.  It was not Covid though  thank the dear Lord.

I did a little research and discovered it may have been my mask that contributed to me getting so sick.  I had been doing pretty well wearing disposable masks but recently started wearing a reusable cotton mask and probably did not wash it enough.  That same fabric pressed against my nose and mouth so much was not a good thing. I am sure looking back now that it had collected bacteria . They should be washed daily.

So, wash your masks frequently or wear disposable ones.  Hopefully very soon, they will be a thing of the past altogether.

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