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I will admit that when Debbie came downstairs this morning telling me that I HAVE to see this video of a dog rescuing a puppy, I just rolled my eyes in my head.  It’s become a joke that most of the internet is dog videos and the reason why is because of people like my wife.  She will literally sit for hours and watch them.  Anyway, once I finally did check it out, I had to share because it’s pretty amazing on a number of levels.

Incredible moment hero dog saves best friend from drowning in swimming pool

Jessie, a seven-year-old black Staffordshire terrier rescue, helped pull her furry companion, 13-year-old Chucky, a Pomeranian, after he fell in their owner'...

The first thing I noticed is how committed the black lab is to rescuing his friend.  However, they instinctively communicate, he recognized distress in his small counterpart and just kept at it until a method for rescue is discovered.  And then, I love how once retrieved from the pool, this duo just goes back about their business of being dogs in the yard-as if nothing had ever happened.