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Two fishermen honored their late friend by using his remains to reel in a record breaking carp. Sounds strange But don’t worry, the deceased was in on the plan.

64 year old Ron Harper died of cancer before he could go on a trip to Thailand with his buddies Paul and Cliff.  The three of them enjoyed fishing together for years and occasionally took trips to enjoy their sport.  They found the best way possible for Ron to be in on the action.

He talked it over with his buddies before his death and agreed that his ashes might just help catch the big one.  And did they ever! Using the special “Purple Ronnie”  bait they landed  a 180 lb carp.  The world record was 134 lbs.

To see this massive catch and get the whole story, just go right here

Fishermen Catch 180-Pound Fish Using Dead Friend's Ashes for Bait

Cliff, Paul and Ronnie visited Thailand last year catching a large carp and having the time of their lives. Sadly, their friend Ronnie passed away from cance...