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I’ve got to be honest, as much as this shocked my today, it also made me feel good.  Big time, vain, Hollywood stars don’t do this kind of thing.  Will Smith is not just a HUGE star, he’s one of those dudes who always looks to be in bada** shape every time you see him.  “I Am Legend?”  Jacked.  “Bad Boys?”  Jacked.  “Ali?” REALLY Jacked.  Which brings me to the once, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” posting  this pic to his Instagram Account over the weekend.


The caption is a classic, “I’m gonna be real wit y’all – I’m in the worst shape of my life.”  Well, welcome to the rest of our world, Mr. Smith.  It’s about damn time you represented “Dad Bod Nation.” <g>  Seriously, I’m thinking this is like some people take a pic of themselves when they first start on a diet or exercise regimen for a reminder or motivation.  Unless, he’s working on trying to play me in a movie, I bet that’s the case with this.