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In a world filled with online challenges like eating Tide Pods or licking toilet seats, it’s always great to see someone who comes up with a challenge like this.  Jake Adams is a comedian and golf enthusiast.  And he set about to accomplish something that I’d LOVE to have the resources to try.  Jake challenged himself to hit a golf shot in all 50 states in just 30 days.  I know, it sounds dumb, but for a golfer like me…I’m intrigued-if by nothing else-his routing.  He originally announced this on April 1 as his journey began by hitting a shot at the Hollywood sign in California.  Important to note, he just had to hit a golf shot…not necessarily hit a golf shot on a golf course.

It looks like the last shot was taken by hitting a ball into the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.  Very cool.  And I love the caption here “Time for a nap. Thank you to everyone who supported this wild life choice. Will only build from here & will work towards giving back to charities for any future adventures :)”