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There are certain artists that we always have a soft spot in our hearts for.  Near the top of the list is Trace Adkins.  We’ve had a lot of memorable encounters, conversations and interviews with Trace over the years, but I’ll just share one here, as I’ve re-told it to just about every new parent I’ve ever encountered.  Our son was maybe 4-5 months old and he came up in an interview conversation with Trace.  He told us, “You better enjoy this time right now when he’s like your car keys.”  “Car Keys?  WTH are you talking about?”  “Right now, he’s just like your car keys…wherever you put him down, that’s where he’ll be.  He ain’t going nowhere yet.  The hard part is just remember where you laid him down.”  It was so funny and so true.

Trace Adkins - Heartbreak Song (Official Visualizer)

Watch the official visualizer for Trace's single "Heartbreak Song""Heartbreak Song' is a song I've had in my back pocket for a few years. I'm excited that th...

Well, fast forward just a couple of years and Trace Adkins is back with a new album and this single, “Heartbreak Song.”  This marks his 25th year in the country music business and he’s still coming with wisdom, like this from his new song:

“Nobody’s singing bout a love gone wrong
Or being as lonely as the night is long
I like a party in a truck
Every bit as much as the next guy
But c’mon, she’s gone
And sometimes you need a heartbreak song”