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You may soon get paid to get your vaccination.  North Carolina has been trending down when it comes to people wanting the shot, so the governor is stepping in to offer some incentives.  At least that could be the plan.

Cooper will be in Charlotte today at an urgent care in West Charlotte.  This visit is on the heels of his statement that he plans to add financial incentives to get more people vaccinated.

So, if you were getting paid 25 dollars to vaccinate would that convince you to do it?  I did get vaccinated but had my reservations.  There are no long term assurances with this vaccine and that had me concerned.  BUT the vaccine has been in development for many years based on similar viruses and with my job, I am required to be around a lot of people at times.  I chose to take the risk.  I think everyone should get all the facts and make their own decisions.

To learn more about Roy Cooper’s plans just go right here

Hamilton - Aaron Burr, Sir / My Shot (Original Cast 2016 - Live)

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