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See this lovely lady.  This is one of my very good friends and her name is Karen.  That’s right, I said it.  Here is the beautiful face of an actual Karen.  She is lovely, smart, funny and kind and does not deserve for her name to be synonymous  with an obnoxious, angry entitled woman.

You may be hearing “Karen” thrown around a lot lately but it is becoming less common as an actual name.  Fewer newborn babies were named Karen in the United States in 2020 than in any year since 1932. Only 325 baby girls named Karen compared to 33,000 in 1965 according to published reports.

The outlet notes Katrina and Isis also fell in popularity dropping out of the top 1,000 names.  The bad “Karens” refers to the kind of boss that always asks to speak to the manager in order to belittle service industry workers and sometimes carries out hateful speech and actions towards minorities.

I just feel sorry for all the actual Karens, who are lovely people.  We love you nice Karens!