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With the end of the 2020-2021 school year comes the hope that all of the practices, rules and regulations in education that came about due to the Covid-19 Pandemic are behind us.  At home learning has been an unmitigated disaster.  I think every teacher and student is tired of the term, “social distancing.”  And for sure, get these masks out of our lives, right?

How long will NC students wear masks in school?

The North Carolina state health department is looking closely at mask requirements for schools and officials say they need to see 3 things before making chan...

Well, not so much.  Maybe.  Look, things look good for full, in-school learning.  YEA!  That means “social distancing” is a goner.  YEA!  However, when NC Health Secretary Mandy Cohen was asked on Wednesday whether or not face coverings would be required, her answer was that although children as young as 12 are now eligible for vaccination, younger kids probably won’t have that opportunity by the time schools open in August. SO…under the current federal guidance, masks would still be required.  She did say that this was not etched in stone so, “stay tuned.”  This is NOT gonna be a popular move if it happens.  The only thing I’m staying tuned for is the MASSIVE FIGHT that will ensue over this between parents and the state.