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Catherine Lane

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There is something very special about having a long-time friendship with 7 really cool girls.  We met at a gym in Gastonia decades ago and we have managed to hang out together and support each other over the years through marriages, divorces, kids, just about everything life throws at you. Mostly, we get together because  we have fun, a lot.

So we were super excited about our summer hang this year. Our friend Renee offered up her families beach house in Ocean Isle.  But I was reminded that when you go on vacation with girls you met at a gym, they actually still want to work out.  Don’t get me wrong, I walk about two miles a day and of course ride but these girls work out on a whole different level.  I was game but let’s just say I “modified”.  We celebrated by having Bloody Marys.

I am notorious for going to bed early.  But these girls wanted so stay up, late!  And we danced to music we listened to back in the day…like maniacs.  It was fun in ways I just wasn’t prepared for.  And we had a ball.

Here are a few pics from past and present.  Get yourself a girl squad that you laugh with til your sides hurt.