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Those inflatable animals are fun!  My daughter gave me one for my birthday and I loved it.  I could just hop aboard “Gloria” on the lake or in the ocean and I would lose all track of time.  Sometimes that can be a problem when you aren’t paying attention where your inflatable takes you.

Over the weekend, an Alaska based Coast Guard helicopter rescued three adults and two small dogs who had been recreating in the ocean on a giant inflatable pink flamingo.  The float was swept across a popular Bay by winds and ran aground on offshore rocks.  That bay is located immediately northwest of the town of Kodiak which opens into the Gulf of Alaska.  It can get deep quickly there and the current gets kind of crazy according to people who live there.

To see the video and get more details, check out the video of the whole ordeal right here:

Coast Guard Alaska Pink Flamingo Rescue!

We see a lot of things out here on the Island, but watching the Coast Guard rescue some people from an inflatable flamingo in Monashka Bay? That's a little ...