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Unlike many of her peers, Maren Morris isn’t touring in 2021. But she does enjoy being outside and doing more now that the pandemic has subsided.

Maren recently told us, “What I love most about summertime is just being outside. Through the pandemic, we’ve all been so cooped up, so I’m excited to go and sit on a nice patio, have a drink. Maybe watch some fireworks for Fourth of July this year.”

She added, “Yeah, all of the things I feel like I’m just going to spend as much time as I can outdoors. Because yeah, I need some vitamin D.”

Last month, Maren went outside in a big way when she flew with the Thunderbirds. She posted to Twitter at the time, “We pulled 6.6 G’s and I didn’t puke or pass out. I will consider that a massive win. Thank you @AFThunderbirds and Major Jason Markzon for an experience I will treasure for a lifetime.”

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