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Miranda Lambert is quite proud of the fact that she is the only female country star with a bar on Broadway in Nashville. Miranda’s Casa Rosa restaurant and bar opened in June.

Miranda told us, “I’m so excited about the new restaurant Casa Rosa on Broadway. I’m very happy to be the first woman to have a bar on Broadway.”

Lambert’s style and design came from a buddy. She said, “My friend and designer Phara Queen from Oklahoma came and helped me put my stamp on this place because I wanted to make sure that it had some girl vibes and obviously a rhinestone saddle because everyone needs one of those.”

Miranda added, “But I definitely have seen since I’ve been going down there… All the girls doing exactly what I was hoping they would do, which was come there and party and have a place to feel safe and happy and go honky tonkin’.”

The venue showcases pieces of Lambert’s wardrobe, tour memorabilia, and special vintage items personally collected by Miranda on her travels.

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