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Okay, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen all week.  We may have blogged about this guy before, but Noah Kalina famously took a photo of himself everyday and shared the images to his website.  The pics were taken every day, for 20 years (from January 11, 2000 to January 11, 2020).  However, these have been taken to the next level-seamlessly illustrating one man’s aging process over that time.

7777 Days

7777 DaysThe images for this video were prepared and transformed by Michael Notter ( a first step, Michael used the machine l...

So let’s get tech-nerdy as to how this was done.  Computers examined Kalina’s five face landmarks (both eyes, the nose and the two corners of the mouth).  These were then utilized to align the faces in all the photos so that everything matched up symmetrically. And voila!  How cool is this?!  Unless, I guess if you’re Noah Kalina who has just had the reality of his mirror displayed for the world. <g>