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Wonder how the local police officers feel about this class?

Local institution of higher learning Davidson College has a new class. So what is this #AbolishThePolice class going to explore? And what does the school have to say about the need for this class?

In a statement to Fox News, Davidson’s Director of Media Relations Jay Pfeifer said the school is a “student-focused institution of higher learning, grounded in the Christian Reformed Tradition and therefore faithful to a God bound by no church or creed.”

“We explore all reality through unlimited employment of our intellectual powers. That same faith tradition extends our loyalty to the whole of humanity. We value diversity and respect the world’s various religious traditions. We honor the dignity and worth of every person. We focus on studies that are liberating and dedicate ourselves to the quest for truth. The offering of any class, whatever its title, reflects that it covers a subject worth studying. Grounded in these values, Davidson assists students in developing humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service. We hope our graduates think clearly, make relevant value judgments, discriminate among values, and communicate freely in the realm of ideas.”

Not really sure what that meant. Sounds like a lot of educational terms are being used to distract from what the class is really about. Does the class just study the history of this movement or promote it? You can get all the details of the story here