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Catherine Lane

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I changed my life completely just to live near my horse so everyday is Celebration of the Horse Day in my world.  Yesterday was “Show Pictures Of Your Horse”  so we are just going to combine the two to celebrate America’s favorite animal.

My love and fascination with horses really came later on in life for me.  When my Dad died, the pain was unbearable and my sister bought me a horse to help me think about something else than my grief.  What I didn’t expect was that I fell completely in love with not only riding but the whole lifestyle that goes along with it.

There are so many ways and disciplines when it comes to horse ownership and riding.  I respect them all.  I discovered quickly that I am not an arena rider.  I respect them immensely but I got bored quickly in the arena and found out that trail riding is where I found my passion .  I can step one hoof into the woods and my  blood pressure drops and my mood elevates.  I have great respect for my friends who do it really well and I learn from them on every single ride.  It takes great skill to navigate all terrains ; creeks, hills, valleys, rivers, mountains etc etc.  Be prepared for snakes and bees ;watch out for the random holes and downed trees.  Yep, things can get right sporty on the trail.  But oh the fun.  My goodness I can’t even describe it.

Here are a few pics of horses I get to ride with or get to see here and there.  And a few pics of the wonderful people I get to meet along the Journey.